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Education Details

  • Master’s in Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL : GPA: 3.88.0/4.0 (May 2017 expected)
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Sciencec (2013), Mumbai University, India : GPA: 3.80/4.0 (May 2013)
  • Diploma, Computer Science (2010), Bhagubhai Mafatlal Polytechnic, India : GPA: 3.82/4.0 (June 2010)
  • Received "Sir Dorabji Tata Scholarship" of Rs 63,000/- for academic excellence in Final Year of Diploma (2009-2010).

Professional Work Experiance and Internships

    Software Engineer Intern, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (Chicago) May 2016 - Present

    Project: PACER Survey (Technologies: Spring MVC, JQuery, JavaScript, IBM WebSphere, IBM RAD)

  • Financial surveys creation, categorized in sections with various question types, supports existing section and question duplication.
  • Implementation of enhancements and production defects, accelerated project delivery through active support during UAT.
  • Contributed in creation of DataMart schema through integration of databases using SSIS and Tableau for Data Analytics.

    Associate Software Engineer, Rave Technologies, A Northgate Group Company (India) Oct 2013 - July 2015

    Project: American Chemical Society (ACS) (Technologies: Google Web tool kit (GWT), Spring MVC, Hibernate, Maven)

  • Development of the widgets using Java Frameworks (GWT, Spring MVC, and Hibernate) having different functionalities that supports scientific inquiry in the field of chemistry.
  • Communication with client for clarification of requirements to formulate the project development.
  • Analyzed, Designed, Coded and debugged the widgets requirement in order to assist in timely delivery of project incremental releases using an Agile methodology.
  • Analyzed and Designed different Proof of Concepts by researching through PDF annotation, Flip Book frameworks of Java.
  • Resolved the issues raised by clients with an improved solutions to meet the client needs.

    Software Engineer Trainee/Intern, Pay Point India Network Private Limited (India) July 2012 - May 2013

    Project: Bluetooth based Mobile Wallet (M-wallet) (Technologies: J2ME, Record Management System, Oracle 11g)

  • Proposed an idea for the development of Mobile application based on J2ME to perform a credit and debit card transactions via mobile along with tightly coupled security with Bluetooth as a medium and bank as an authentication point.
  • Initiated and executed the development according to company’s requirement.
  • Explored the domain of Java mobile networking and fostered an application compilation among team members.

Skill Sets

  • Programming Languages : C, Java Frameworks (Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Junit), Design Patterns, Json,Python.
  • Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, JSP, PHP (Framework- CodeIgniter, WordPress), Apache Tomcat, JBoss, XML.
  • Database Technologies: Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2005, SqlLite, MS Access.
  • Mobile Technologies : Android, J2ME.
  • Project Management Tools: Maven, Ant, GIT.
  • Cloud Technologies: Amazon AWS, EC2, Hadoop, Spark, SQS, DynamoDB.
  • IDE: Eclipse, IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Ubuntu Linux

Academic Projects and Assignments

    Database System (Technologies: C, Linux GCC) (Nov. 2015)

  • Designed the Database Systems to store and fetch database records to/from disk file along with the random searching of records.
  • Configured the system through storage and buffer manager to handle storage and replacement policy of records on disk file.
  • Implemented record manager to efficiently handle insertion and deletion of records, combined with random scanning for records.
  • Developed B+ Tree index structure to fast and efficient insertion, retrieval and deletion of database records.

    Friend Recommendation System and Sentiment Analysis (Twitter) (Technologies: Python, Pandas, Machine Learning) (Nov. 2016)

  • Designed system that collects user’s data and tweets based on keyword from Twitter, fetches user’s friends and followers via API.
  • Clustered users into communities based on Jaccard similarity of their friends and followers and recommends friends to users using similarity output value.
  • Classified tweets as positive and negative sentiment using pre-labelled Afinn data dictionary and machine learning model.

    Fight Game Animation (Technologies: Java, Design Patterns, UML) (Nov. 2015)

  • Analysed and designed the structure of game using UML based on integration of various design patterns.
  • Created different super heroes with common and special powers, along with energy and experience level for each player.
  • Implemented level wise game structure with dynamic addition and removal of powers and strategies used by players during game.

    TourIt Mobile Application (Technologies: Android, SqlLite, Google Login API, Google Maps) (Apr. 2016)

  • Analysed and designed mobile application using Android to resolve problems of travellers during visit to new places.
  • Authorized user through incorporation of Google login API to use all features, or continue as a guest with limited features.
  • It helps tourist to plan tour with creation of favourite list of attractions, and navigation to attraction from current location.
  • Incorporated feature of taking picture memories and make video out of it, along with gallery to view picture memories.

    Benchmarking of CPU, Disk and Network (Technologies: Amazon AWS, Java, t2.micro) (Feb. 2016)

  • Benchmarked CPU performance, in GFLOPS and IOPS with varying concurrency levels to evaluate processor speed.
  • Evaluated throughput and latency of disk for sequential and random read/write IO, varying block size and degree of concurrency.
  • Calculated network throughput through TCP and UDP transfer protocols, with various block size messages between two instances.
  • Verified output of CPU, Disk and Network performance with benchmarking standards LINPACK, IOZONE, IPERF respectively.

    Cost of Computing in Cloud (Technologies: Amazon AWS) (Apr. 2016)

  • Designed private cloud data centre instances through calculation of hardware, admin and network related costs.
  • Analysed cost $/FLOP/Hour of private cloud with varying degree of GFLOPS (1GFLOP-1PFLOP) for the duration of five years.
  • Calculated cost of computing in $/FLOP/Hour of different AWS public cloud instances based on their GFLOPS and cost per hour.
  • Examined the plot of public v/s private cloud, with conclusion to own private cloud with increased GFLOPS and period of 5 years.

    Distributed Sort of 1GB to 1TB Data (Technologies: Java, Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Amazon AWS, Ubuntu Linux) (Mar. 2016)

  • Implemented shared memory external merge sort, to sort data on single AWS instance with varying degree of threads.
  • Configured master-slave Hadoop, and measured sorting time with mappers, reducers with varying number of slaves from 1 to 16.
  • Established master-slave Spark with varying degree of slaves from 1 to 16 nodes to determine time of sorting.
  • Analysed and determined efficient sorting time by Apache Spark, by comparing shared memory, Hadoop and Spark sort time.

    Cloudkon Clone (Technologies: Amazon EC2, SQS, DynamoDB, Java)(Apr. 2016)

  • Implemented an in-memory queue with various threads acting as a worker, to schedule sleep tasks of 1 K to 100K, with sleep time varying from 0 to 10sec for calculation of throughput and efficiency.
  • Configured Distributed SQS queue to efficiently schedule tasks for load balancing across remote workers on multiple instances with varying sleep time and number of worker instances.
  • Analysed throughput and efficiency of load balancing across remote workers, and compared it with in-memory queue readings.
  • Use of DynamoDB to avoid execution of Duplicate tasks in case of SQS distributed scheduling.

Seminar and Workshop Attended

  • Attended a seminar on Cloud Computing at Shri Bhaghubhai Mafatlal Polytechnic, Mumbai which has specialists speaking on cloud and its virtualization based services (2010).
  • Attended a session on Linux Configuration conducted by Mr. Gautam Borkar at RGIT, Mumbai. The session was spread for a period of month and was divided into four parts. The seminar was focused to discuss the configurations of Apache, Squid, Samba and FTP servers in Linux (2012).
  • Attended a seminar on Networking Concepts delivered by a team of experts from Taiwan working for D-Link. The working of various network devices such as Routers, hubs, Switches were discussed in depth. They also discussed the various new products and devices that were changing the network scenario (2012).
  • Attended the seminar on MATLAB. Workshop was based on the basics of MATLAB, MATLAB commands and Features of MATLAB(2011).
  • Attended a workshop on Android application development which was held by IEEE RGIT at RGIT, Mumbai. The workshop made us familiar with android SDK, various API's and packages (2011).
  • Attended a two day dance workshop of Jive and Salsa at the RGIT college cultural festival ZODIAC (2011).

Workshop and Seminar Conducted

  • Seminar delivered for the topic of Assertion as a part of the subject Presentation and Communication Techniques. Assertion is an important aspect to deal with situations and to interact with people on a day to day basis. The seminar helped understand the underlying benefits of assertion (2010).
  • Conducted Java Swing workshop in Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology for Computer Education Student Society. Workshop was aimed at teaching students about the Java swing with an application as an example that includes creation of swing forms, UI and Handling of Click events on swing forms with Database operations using Oracle (2012).
  • For the subject of E.V.S, delivered a seminar on Green marketing. As a part of project, research where we visited stores, companies or any workshops that promoted use of eco-friendly ideas. The seminar focused on letting the details about the companies that used eco-friendly materials and what endorsed them as nature friendly (2011).

Technical Paper Presented

  • Technical paper presentation on "M-Wallet using NFC" in the technical festival of INNOVISION held at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology. This paper explains how an electronic wallet is associated with the mobile phone through which funds can be easily transferred in seconds thereby relieving users from managing cash or credit cards (2012).

Achievements and Participation in Extra Curricular Activities

  • Won "First Prize" in Code Father Competition on JAVA during Technical Festival Icarus Held at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology(2011).
  • Won "Second Prize" in Technical Paper Presentation at the inter college level during Technical Festival INNOVISION Held at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology(2012).
  • Participated into Oracle Project competition "ThinkQuest" and Developed the project on Smart monitoring which is used to keep the track of activities performed on Computer and catching the screen shots,keystrokes of the each event and activities (2012).
  • General secretary of Computer Education Student Society (2012-2013).
  • Worked as an event head for the event CONQUEST which was conducted by IEEE RGIT. The event was a team event and required participants to separate out the gems of different colour into glasses one at a time within 1 Minute (2011).
  • Attended Several personal Development Program of NGO Art of Living.

Industrial Visits

    Visited the following companies as part of Industrial Visit conducted by Shri Bhagubhai Mafatlal Polytechnic in March 2009:

  • NOVELL (Bangalore, India), multinational software and Services Company which introduced us to "Open Source Operating Systems" such as Linux. The visit was more centered towards the benefits, uniqueness and availability of open source software and specifically operating system. It broadened my horoscope and made me look beyond the conventional windows based system.
  • ISRO Satellite Centre (Bangalore, India), it is engaged in developing satellite technology and implementation of satellite systems for scientific, technological and application missions. We were shown the different types os satellite installed at the centre and their area of application.
  • Mindtree limited (Bangalore, India), it is an international IT consulting company that delivers affordable business and technology solutions through global software development.
  • VisIted the following companies as part of Industrial Visit conducted by Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology in January 2011:

  • NRC (Amritsar, India), the company is acclaimed in manufacturing conveyer belts. The whole process of converting the raw material to conveyer belt was demonstrated.

Social Service and Voluntary Work

  • Participated in the CROSS DON'T TALK EVENT which was endorsed and supported by the Mumbai University. The campaign aimed at making people aware against the use of mobile phone while walking or crossing the streets. Its main aim was to reduce the number of accidents caused by people talking on their phone while crossing (2012).
  • Donated Blood during the blood donation drive in the college festival of ZODIAC 2011 and 2013.
  • Volunteered for NGO Art of Living for Social Awareness.

Membership of Societies

  • General Secretery of the Computer Engineering Student Society (CESS) which is a professional organization focused on advancements in computer technology (2012-2013).
  • Technical Team member of IEEE RGIT (2011-2012).