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Black Box Detection System

How It Works

Block Diagram

Monitoring Screen

      The Black Box Detection System is a my Final year project of Diploma in Bhagubhai Mafatlal Polytechnic, 2009-2010.Black Box which is a most important part of the aircraft where it records all flight related details such as Temperature Level, Altitude, Longitude, Smoke Level, Time, Pressure altitude, Airspeed, Vertical acceleration, Magnetic heading, Fuel Flow etc. along with the communication of pilot with Air Traffic Control Room (ATC). The Project is, When the Aircraft is in motion it is tracked by satellite which gives the aircraft position in the form of latitude and longitude, it also records all earlier stated details in to black box and simultaneously transmit those details to the ATC using Radio Frequency for Monitoring purpose on monitoring screen. In case of any crash or technical failure this recorded parameters is used to find the actual cause of failure in aircraft. System also Alerts by alarming if the recorded parameters go beyond the set threshold value. Threshold can be set to the desired value at which we want an alert.